Elegance Extended

Being a woman is a superpower that we are all blessed with, at least before birth. While developing in the womb, a human is given the opportunity to be either a male, or a female. Both are great for their own reasons, and both are filled with their own wonders. But to be born with the ability to house a new life is a kind of magic. It requires attention, focus and a certain amount of elegance and devotion, not only to the self but to the life within. This is, in a sense, a chance to connect to all life. The fact that we are truly part of something much bigger than ourselves is made tremendously clear, as it is a physical, emotional, and spiritual component of what we are, especially while with child. 


People say that a pregnant lady can get away with anything, which makes this 9 month period an ideal time to dust off and reestablish a personal style, not to be mistaken for time off from the Self. It is rather a moment to realize yourself, on a new level. Who you are now will be passed on to a new life - and happens even before birth. Making it count is everything. We only get a short while to enjoy it.

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