turkey day


This was the best Thanksgiving I have yet to experience as an adult. I've been housesitting in Venice for the last week, and just next door to my friend Erica Chidi, founder of The Mama Circle and all around badass woman. Her and her husband Jordy hosted Thanksgiving at their house; a magical corner of Venice just feet away from Abbot Kinney, and nestled into a collective of a few other stand alone bungalows complete with their own small community garden space. A dream location, especially for a meal-centric day. Our 'Friendsgiving' consisted of six awesome people, a ton of fantastic food, board games, mezcal, a lot of sangria and endless gabbing. In short, much to be grateful for. 

Berenice ('Bear' for short) is a Parisian living in Los Angeles with her husband Jason. A woman of exquisite taste, she is a cinematographer, and not to be trifled with when playing Monopoly. 

Erica in one of her natural habitats - a fantastic chef and way too much fun to be around. 

A small snap of Jordy's record collection. The soundtrack for the day and into the evening spanned from soul to jazz to croony 70s vocals to hip hop. This is why everyone should invest in good speakers, by the way. 

Jason and Jordy.

Phil and Nimah the manx. 

Sera's Sangria. 

The afternoon dinner carried on into the evening. Once the sun went down, the party ventured inside. It occurred to me that there have been so many potential paths I've had the chance to take in life to land me anywhere other than amongst these people. I asked myself what I feel grateful for, as we all made the round talking about the beautiful things in our lives. This was mine. The blessing of simply being granted the chance to share space and conversation with talented humans- people who I love, and who encourage growth. It was a great evening. I finished the night with a very bright thought: everyday is a good day to be grateful. So, happy thanksgiving everyone. Again and again and again.