Last Night I Invited a Barrel of Punks Into My House

My friend texted around 9pm saying that her boyfriend had just passed my place and that "a barrel of punks fell out." 

I was driving home from The Hub after hearing a few great photographers speak about their process. I was hopped up on inspiration, and after hearing Pamela Littky speak about documenting Death Valley, I felt that I needed to be grabbing at chances a little more often. Making an effort. As my friend Becki said last night, "I like myself better when I try." This is a sentiment I very much agree with.

With my camera in my bag, I felt the urge to shoot something, and though I was on my way home to shoot, I wanted to do something a little more spontaneous. Then opportunity presented itself in the form of a handful of kids on their way to Los Globos to get crazy for the night, pregaming right outside my place.

"Hey, what're you guys doing tonight?" I asked. 

"Gonna go to Los Globos, what're you doing?" 

"Do you have time to come into my place for a little bit? I'd love to take your photo!" 

They responded with a garbled chorus of Shit Yeah's, and asked if I had beer. I felt bad that I had nothing to offer them until they suggested chips. 

Bingo. And thus began the night.

They hung out for a short while, looking around my place and saying hi to my cat Luna, yelling at each other and laughing at random stuff while generally enjoying the moment and being hooligan youths. Good company, paired with a small spontaneous experience that I had asked for.

Sometimes you run into a bunch of kids with spiked hair and shredded clothes, and instead of crossing the street or nervously walking past, you invite them into your home. And sometimes it's pretty fun. These are a few of the ones that didn't go to Coachella, but hung around the hood to be with their friends and live the cheaper alternative, with enough time to sleep off the hangover and make it to class on Monday.

Meeting Luna, super kind to her. 

Meeting Luna, super kind to her. 

Sams tummy tats. 

Sams tummy tats.