Water Birth - Aquarian New Moon // Retrograde

The first New Moon of the year, followed quickly by Mercury in retrograde. 

2015 is off to a smashing start.

I often find that my brain can loudly drown out the messages of my heart and spirit. This isn't uncommon in the world, and seems especially likely when living in cities rooted in competition, financial fluxes, and the constant idea of "making it," haunting so many peoples lives. Intuition gets rudely lodged out, replaced with logic and reason. Often, we are lost in "good sense" and wonder why things feel wrong when they seem to be so reasonably correct, especially viewed from the outside. Often the obsessive attempt to view our lives objectively keeps us from directly living in the moment. 

This photo was taken as a symbol of going within, listening, reconnecting with inner child, and spiritual rebirth. These can be scary notions, mainly because the voice we hear when we ask ourselves questions is one of complete self referral. Our highest and wisest being. When we know our own truth, there is no excuse to not pursue it. 

As Saturn makes itself shakably known, I'll continue to acknowledge this as a time to view reality with a new perspective. Change happens, and it's only best to agree to flow and bend with it. I'll also continue to listen to my internal teacher. She usually has a very kind way of moving me slightly aside so that I can go ahead following my own path. Stepping aside for myself is sometimes initially a frustrating feeling flooded with sudden excuses and reasons to not do so, but always ends in relief, progress, and greater connection. Once there is a relationship forged in truth with the inner self, everything else sort of magically makes sense.

I'll start there.


PS- I'll be attending tonights Group Healing Workshop at Golden Folk Wellness in Silverlake. If anyone wishes to join please do! 

Traveling Through Space + Time

Wow. 2014. I'm not sure just how it happened, but the year seemed to vanish with tremendous speed. I've been thinking about my goals for 2015 - where I want to go, what I would like to shoot, and in what context. My desire to combine art and humanitarian efforts needs to be fulfilled. There's a lot in the works that I'm really excited about. 

I took some time this morning to reflect on my past travels, before I had a "real" camera, and was too embarrassed to be seen with one for fear of looking like a tourist. If I could go back and tell  my younger self to calm down and stop trying to be so forcibly casual about things I actually wanted to take seriously, I would have started documenting the moments I experienced and people I met with a lot more clarity and focus. Lesson learned. The memories for me still remain strong, and I have plenty of places to return to and work closer with. These photos were all taken between 2008-2010. A lot can happen in such short periods of time. "The moment" can feel like forever when you're in the center of it, but always in retrospect the truth is made plain. There is an infinite span of time in a single second, if you take the time to tell the story of it. This is, in short, my greatest goal for 2015 and the years to follow. 

I look forward to it all. 

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Hey guys - pictured here is the first volume to a new print series I'm creating called ATARAXIA, a word meaning tranquility, peace, and stillness. This will be an ongoing project. This first volume, 44 pages long, is focused primarily on the solitude found in American and Mexican scenery, discovering colorful locales, loud only in terms of their vibrancy. 

This is the first day of my contest, where any instagram user can win themselves a limited copy by hashtagging #ATARAXIABOOK on any one of their own photos that expresses the title in their own way. What creates stillness and peace in your reality? On the 31st of this month I will choose my favorite, and that person will be sent a copy! I'm very excited to share this with you all. Thanks for sharing with me too.