This past Saturday the 26th, Sara Cath and I hosted the first ever instagram Melon Meet for digs apparel, a company that seeks to generate awareness towards traumatic brain injury through art and community. Their meet was in New York City, being their main headquarters. There were also meetups in San Antonio, Houston, Sydney, and Dallas to name a few. 

The turnout was fantastic, and everyone made such incredible images. It was really inspirational to be surrounded by people eager to create, and seemed to generate a ripple effect towards what we all were doing. 

Between two backdrops there was a table full of fun props and things to play with. My favorite are the confetti eggs.



Thanks so much to everyone who came and decided to spend a very hot Saturday playing and creating! I hope to have many more gatherings involving community and creativity, because what else is there? 

Also a BIG thank you to digs apparel and Maz McWilliams for creating this movement, and for supplying a chance to make things happen. LOVE!