Hey guys. There's something I wanna talk about. 

As of late, my fella and I have decided that taking a break in the morning to meditate could lend itself to our lives in a pretty positive way. Being a sensitive human is a cool gift, but as all other sensitive humans know, it's a thing that requires maintenance, attention, and love. This can come in many forms, whether it's

  • treating oneself to a home cooked meal
  • having an illuminating conversation
  • making love
  • watching a movie
  • watering and talking to your plants
  • stretching and strengthening
  • enjoying an expansive view
  • picking fresh fruits or vegetables
  • feeling grass or sand or cool water between toes
  • maintaining eye contact
  • writing in a journal
  • sharing a quote or idea
  • creating art
  • feeling the sun on skin or drops of rain
  • spending time with animals
  • hearing a song you forgot you loved
  • crying
  • eating with intention
  • walking
  • watching the world move...

...this list is making me happy, if you have anything to contribute to it please let me know and I'll make another post of everyones ideas!!

ANYway. What I'm trying to get to is this. There are many, many ways to accomplish self-maintenance, but beginning with a simple sit in silence is one of the most beautiful introductions to a steady day that's ever been invented. There's definitely a reason that meditation has passed the test of time, and even gained popularity in recent years. There is a science to it, as well as a deeply personal spiritual value. It covers many angles and truly establishes balance within our Selves. The "Selves" meaning the mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is the holy trinity of everyone, and is within us all. 

Phil and I decided to start at five minutes. I haven't regularly meditated for years, and there is something of a process to undergo when you're first starting out or reintegrating. Lots of old stagnant energies get shaken awake in order to go up and out, clearing your senses more and more. These come in the form of emotions and actions, and should be treated with understanding and compassion. From feeling elated to feeling the bluest of the blue, meditation is meant to gently shake off the old dirt and mud to reveal the jewel beneath. It can be scary, exciting, and eye opening. Having a partner to embark on this path with, though not required, is always welcome. 

Five minutes a day makes a world of difference. Yes, the blinders fall away. Yes, it can be a challenge. Yes you will awaken to things that may conflict with your standard way of living, but you will always find out why, and you will always grow from it, so long as patience is given a chance. Eventually the world will seem small, and you will feel even smaller, and infinitely huge all at once. That's called Cosmic Consciousness, by the way. Pretty cool stuff. 

Just to emphasize how little of a commitment five minutes is, I bestow a song upon your day. This is an old favorite, and is (perfectly) just over five minutes long. Give it a listen while you update your pintrest, scroll through twitter, or check facebook and watch how quickly the song ends. That was over five minutes of your life which you for whatever reason may often think you don't have. Try to not flake out on your own growth. Offer yourself five minutes to med. You don't need anything but your own ass to sit on. Seriously. That's all it takes. Sit. Breathe. Use a mantra if you'd like, which can be anything from "love" to "Ohm" or whatever else you find inspiring and beautiful. I know Christians who meditate on "God" or "Jesus" and other people who use no mantra at all. Let your eyes drift closed, and simply be. Thoughts are fine, scratching your arm is fine, checking the time is fine, making notes in your notebook is fine. Don't stress about what is "right" or not, just go with it. Whatever "it" is to you. If you find a method that works, make it a part of your life. Eventually you may want to extend your practice, or it will start happening all on its own! I'd be surprised if it didn't, actually. 

Enjoy the track, guys! May the force be with you (because it already is). 

Just as a side note, I'm 100% always open to questions or comments. Feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a private email. :)