las vegas

Valley of Fire (and a little Las Vegas)

The Valley of Fire National Park sort of knocked reality back into me. I'd been feeling a strong pull to be surrounded by something other than pavement, and get as far from the rush of cars and city stress as possible to clear my mind, and begin the new year. Phil and I looked at a map and decided that we would head to Nevada. We had what was probably the most relaxed Saturday night ever in Las Vegas, then woke up to greet the day, a silent Sunday morning in the city of sin, feeling quite docile in the AM haze. We wandered a bit, explored Paradise NV, found some coffee and hit the road.

I had never been to this particular national park before. The Valley of Fire starts like the strike of a match, immediately announcing itself with a daunting expanse of flames across the road. It continued inwards to unpaved, and hardly marked paths, eventually leading to endless waves of color and shape. 

The shapes of the rocks took form like clouds. Some looked like strange creatures. I thought this one below looked like the falcon-headed Horus. Phil saw a hissing cobra. 

Played around a bit because why not. :)


At sunset, the sky began to match the grounds we had walked. Multi-coated colors swept across the horizon. We'll be going back soon. 

Traveling Through Space + Time

Wow. 2014. I'm not sure just how it happened, but the year seemed to vanish with tremendous speed. I've been thinking about my goals for 2015 - where I want to go, what I would like to shoot, and in what context. My desire to combine art and humanitarian efforts needs to be fulfilled. There's a lot in the works that I'm really excited about. 

I took some time this morning to reflect on my past travels, before I had a "real" camera, and was too embarrassed to be seen with one for fear of looking like a tourist. If I could go back and tell  my younger self to calm down and stop trying to be so forcibly casual about things I actually wanted to take seriously, I would have started documenting the moments I experienced and people I met with a lot more clarity and focus. Lesson learned. The memories for me still remain strong, and I have plenty of places to return to and work closer with. These photos were all taken between 2008-2010. A lot can happen in such short periods of time. "The moment" can feel like forever when you're in the center of it, but always in retrospect the truth is made plain. There is an infinite span of time in a single second, if you take the time to tell the story of it. This is, in short, my greatest goal for 2015 and the years to follow. 

I look forward to it all. 

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