god is love


Sometimes the city gets to be a bit too much to handle and escape is necessary. Thankfully I live close enough to a few pretty great retreat spots. Joshua Tree is one of them. The sky is massive, free from the blinders of tall buildings and roads, and the air feels like it could carry you away. 

Phil and I decided to go for an adventure, because honestly, there is always time. 

We rolled into the Joshua Tree Motel + Inn, famously haunted by the spirit of Gram Parsons. My intuition told me that any spirits present were definitely the kindly sort. 

The expansiveness of the park is a great solution to feeling crowded and overwhelmed by city life. Sometimes all I need is a little stillness and silence, which can be a beautiful balance to the whirlwind of life in LA.

Into the unknown. Whether with a friend, lover, or solo, stepping into nature is sure to reveal your truths. Don't be afraid to ask questions while wandering. Answers will always be given.

On to Pappy + Harriets in Pioneertown! We were thrilled to discover that there was a small music festival taking place. We were lucky enough to get a super good meal, AND great music to boot. This is a pretty cool spot, located on an old Wild West movie set. 

In the city, people spend a lot of time looking down. Watching for poop, or watching their phones. In J Tree you look up, greeted by a sky full of stars.

Early morning wander and dip. 7am and over 95 degrees. 

A spot of local grease, and a wander. I found a shop full of plants. Didn't bum me out.

I also found this wood carving of a papaya at an antique shop. Rad. Obviously I took it home.

We carried on down the road until we came to the Salton Sea, on to Slab City, and finally Salvation Mountain, a beautiful tribute to God build by Leonard Knight. For 30 years he lived in a truck at the base of his ever growing installation, working on it every day. He only recently passed this year. 

If you've never been there, try to see it at least once (or just look up the hashtag on instagram and avoid heat stroke).

This is John, a volunteer overseer of the site. A very sweet man with a kind demeanor and more than willing to have a conversation. He and Phil hit it off pretty quick. If you happen to run into him, don't let his tone fool you. For every car that pulled up, he would shout "DO NOT ENTER THE SITE WITHOUT A BOTTLE OF WATER!!" perhaps followed with "IF YOU WOULD LIKE, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO TAKE A GROUP PHOTO FOR YOU ALL!!" 

Be warned, Slab City is no picnic. This place is a dusty road to hell, despite the presence of Salvation. Don't be a dork- definitely take lots of water if you do in fact make the mecca.

Great trip with a great dude. I can't imagine it'll be very long until we take another trip to J Tree. Until our next adventure...