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Coastal Travel - Big Sur + Carmel Valley

On the way to the bay area for two back to back weddings, Phil and I left a day early to explore the scenery along the dreamy coast. We visited the Henry Miller Library for tea, and were gifted two days and a night of clean brisk air. 

By the early evening, we made our way to our AirBnB - an amazing cottage home deep into the hills of Carmel Valley. Driving up took about half an hour, which meant that one we were there, we were there for the night. The man who's property it was seemed to be directly in line with us. Lots of good conversations can come from meeting strangers, especially when they feel automatically familiar in a way you can only describe as kindred. 

A short walk up from the house, there was a beautiful trail which lead to a secret skate park. This was probably the last thing I expected to find while waking up in Carmel Valley. Raboon, pictured above, made it with his son Zarosh, an artist and skateboarder. 

Raboon was an incredible example of what it means to maintain an inner sense of fun. Life is full of serious moments, but ultimately we're here to play, grow, interact, and enjoy.