International Princess Project

Whenever possible, I like to shed some light on companies that are doing positive things for the world. It's entirely possible to combine humanitarian efforts through stylish, modern, and artistic outlets. The International Princess Project is one of those companies. What they aim to accomplish is freedom and confidence amongst women who have escaped the sex trade in India. Most of these girls and women have never been given the opportunity to feel like real human beings, and have suffered unimaginable abuses. The purchase of the Princess Project goods ensure rescue efforts, and allow the project to continue. After developing several sewing centers in India, the progress has been very successful. It's the sort of thing I'd like to see continue to grow.

Supporting this company not only ensures the continuity of their project, but also allows women to find a place in a safe community, and earn a fair wage. Many of these women are branded as damaged, unwelcome back into their families, and unable to make their way in life even after their escape from trafficking. The International Princess Project is doing their part in bringing awareness from East to West, towards a very real and very common issue. A human is a human, no matter the location.

Each one of the punjammies are made with Indian fabrics. Beautiful and beneficial.

Check out the video above to get a clear view of their story, and where your money is going. It is a privilege to support companies like this one. Thank you, IPP. <3

To support, make a purchase here, donate here, or volunteer by emailing 



My Neighborhood Garden

"Wherever you go, there you are." - Jon Kabat-Zinn


Sometimes I get caught up in all the noise of city life that I forget there are beautiful sources of respite shrouded by the din. Often I'm so distracted that I don't realize that these places and moments can be very near. 

Across the street from my place, there is a really lovely garden which I only had known in passing (literally, while walking to coffee usually), though had been invited many times to take part. "Too busy," I would tell myself. From where I now sit, I can look out the window and see the cornstalks rising high above the fence. It would take me a total of 15 seconds to walk there, including the jaunt from my desk to my living room door. 

I've since become a keyholder. Not the worst decision. 

This is James. He's one of the overseers of the garden. He's also very active in the community, and holds therapy sessions for adults and children alike. The elementary school is just to the right, and on Wednesdays he and a couple other garden members host events for the kids.

There's also a kitchen, and a piano which had led to some pretty great potlucks and gatherings.

James + Chantal. 

The lesson for me in discovering and integrating myself into this gorgeous part of where I live is that...this is where I live. No matter where you call home, there can often be stresses. Moments that push your limits and make you feel the need to leave. I'm a mover, I like to keep on the go and staying in one place can often be very difficult for me. However, I am beginning to discover that even in a single place, we have choices. We can transform a location based on the choices we make in it. Will the city be a loud toxic commercialized bubble? Or will it be a cultural staple, overflowing with art and nature and community? There is always a balance to be found. I'm pleased to say that through patience and acceptance, I'm beginning to see that balance. It's always there, it's just a matter of opening up to it.