Morgan Peck is a working woman of Los Angeles. She is an artist using ceramics as her medium of choice, creating incredibly beautiful sculptures, vases, lamps, and anything else her mind wanders into creating. 

Ceramics initially got her attention in middle school, and her interest grew as she did. She would take classes twice, and even eat lunch in the ceramics room at school. In college she studied photography as well as Russian literature, but ceramics eventually came back around and won her heart again.

This was a particularly fun visit since her studio is behind her home, so I got to see not only her professional working space, but also her personal space too. 

A shelf in Morgan's home housing several of her vases.


There were so many pieces to check out, and in so many different colors and styles, though all of her work has a definitive feel to it. 

This is the piece I went home with. I immediately felt drawn to it, having recently read about Spider Medicine. To me, this looked like a human with eight limbs, expressing the energy I was feeling. 

This visit was particularly inspiring. It said to me that you can always create. And if you don't have space to create, you create space to create! This is exactly what Morgan has done. These things may not happen overnight, and probably shouldn't for healthy growth to take place for any given passion. Hers started in her early teens and has now become what it is after years of working, reworking, leaving and coming back again. It's important to stay open to possibilities, and not get too nervous about something disappearing, being stifled, losing yourself or becoming stuck. All of it will happen organically, when allowed.   

To see more of her work, check out her website! (I'm personally very partial to the blue and white pieces.)