S E M I O S P H E R E S @ the Ace Hotel DTLA + Nepal Earthquake Relief

Hello friends! I'm so honored to announce that tomorrow evening I'll be showing a series of photographs at the Ace Hotel DTLA to celebrate the launch of The Work Magazine's Issue 7. I will have 6 photos, printed and framed to be enjoyed and purchased. Each print will be limited edition 12 x 18, available for $225-$250. This gives you a signed and framed print, as well as a donated amount that will help with relief efforts for those suffering the earthquake in Nepal. 20% of each purchase will be sent to Convoy of Hope (transparently delivered information via Charity Navigator provided here), helping those who need it much more than we need our daily lattes. Get some art, give some heart. Not a bad deal! Alternatively, you may also select the option to Donate Direct at the bottom of the post. I'll send you a postcard personally written as a thank you, or a grab bag and print for donations of $50-$100! 

This is going to be a really special presentation for a stellar publication so don't miss out on this. See ya there! Be sure to RSVP by emailing

Give Relief!


Hey guys - pictured here is the first volume to a new print series I'm creating called ATARAXIA, a word meaning tranquility, peace, and stillness. This will be an ongoing project. This first volume, 44 pages long, is focused primarily on the solitude found in American and Mexican scenery, discovering colorful locales, loud only in terms of their vibrancy. 

This is the first day of my contest, where any instagram user can win themselves a limited copy by hashtagging #ATARAXIABOOK on any one of their own photos that expresses the title in their own way. What creates stillness and peace in your reality? On the 31st of this month I will choose my favorite, and that person will be sent a copy! I'm very excited to share this with you all. Thanks for sharing with me too. 



When I met Sarah I knew that we were destined for several lengthy conversations, then proceeded to have one. We discussed what it means to be an artist, living in Los Angeles, and the universe at large. Sarah's work reflects her own inner being, and serves as a voice for others to glean a sense of self from. Completely magic. 

This particular piece depicts motherhood, and was made as a tribute to her mother. I asked Sarah about what it feels like to let go of her pieces, and she spoke of them as her children. Each one is born in a sense, and though she is attached, knows they have to go. She just wants them to go to a good place.

Her magnificent pieces are now available online as prints, which I highly recommend checking out. Click here to take a peep.