Two Weeks, There and Back

Phil and I took a necessary road trip (with reasons which you will learn more about in a later post), and made a few pit stops between Los Angeles California, and White Sands in New Mexico. 

The first stop was Tucson. I kind of fell in love with this place. The culture was vibrant, and there was just enough hippie to suit my needs. Things like organic grocery stores, weird book shops, spaces to roam and grab either a cheap beer or an imported red are must haves and this place was stocked. 

We stopped to say hello to Phil's grandmother. If you remember Maria from the Welcome To Wyoming post, this would be her mom. She could only accommodate us for a few hours in the morning since she had guests staying over and they had plans to go to a museum for the day. She goes out to see plays and musical performances, while maintaining her art collection which has been a project for her since her twenties. She is now 92.

We then ventured on to White Sands for an incredible few days working with Tiny Atlas Quarterly. A wild honor. Details will be kept limited since there'll surely be more to come from that side of our trip - so I'll talk about the other thing that happened while we were there. Phil and I met a traveling couple from Canada, living out of their "Armageddon Bus" until their house is finished being built on their farm. Meet Erin and Jesse. 

Here it is. Glorious, isn't it? They bought this bus and proceeded to fully gut it, replacing the bus seats with a custom made fold down bed (the bottom containing shelving units), as well as a stove and toilet. They also kept a photo album of the buses progress. Their pups Willow and Cedar rode with them too. Great company.

We stopped at the closest place to get a coffee - which happened to be Arizona's own Bedrock City, a dilapidated tribute to the Flintstones in  the most geographically appropriate location. Definitely worth checking out. Oh, and coffee is only 5 cents.  

The Grand Canyon. For safe measure. 

And a last days visit to our favorite hot springs. More details to come soon. 

Still Life + Moments - FROM LA to TX

Phil and I just got back from a road trip from Los Angeles through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. My focus is typically on the lifestyle of a location, creating a place as a biography in a literal way, but I decided this time to try to capture the trip in a less rigid way, noting points of interest through a smaller pinhole. We managed to stop by several noteworthy spots such as Balmorhea, which is the largest spring fed swimming pool in the world, small Texas towns like Alpine, Marfa (can't stay away), and Van Horn, as well as White Sands New Mexico. All I can think about these days is escaping the city and going somewhere a little dustier, with sun and shade and seasons. I'm definitely going through a bit of a phase, and can't tell when or if it'll ever end. More road trippin' already penciled in before the end of the year. Can't wait to explore more of the USA.