alexander wang

MALE as MUSE - Breaking Tradition

In honor of Fashion Week, Phil and I decided to do some playing around the studio.

There's a stereotype around women being the greater option as a source of artistic inspiration. While the female form is astounding, I have to make a point to counter this concept. To be a muse is to be an artist, for an artist. There is a symbiotic relationship formed, and each lends inspiration to the other. Having a sense of combined strength and grace is not just for women. Men can easily embody this as well. 

I feel very lucky to have a partner who is not only willing to play but wants to. He inspires me, and keeps me curious. There's a magic in sharing art with someone you love. It brings you closer together as friends and continues to unfold who you are individually and together as one. I encourage everyone to challenge one another in their friendships and relationships to create, share, and discover more and more.

Rarely do I photograph in black and white, but for the point of this particular shoot, I wanted to display what a single person is capable of.

image (1).jpeg

Model: Philip Eastman

Clothes by: Alexander Wang / Topman /

Makeup by: ILIA / Dr Hauschka