I just shared this on instagram and want to broadcast as far and wide as possible,  because these are things I believe in. 

I've been very shy to promote myself as any one thing. This is based on my discomfort in taking on any kind of title. However, while being given a title is complimentary and validating, there is much power in stating yourself as what you believe yourself to be. I am a photographer- who is extremely interested in exposing truths, documenting beauty, salvaging the forgotten parts of human innocence, honoring the environment, and speaking up for justice. I tell myself it's totally okay to shift gears a little, but I've been at odds with how to go about doing it- like trying to turn a fast moving car without flipping it. I think anything worth doing must be done with grace, and patience. Ultimately you just DO it. Perhaps not all at once, but with the right maneuvering, anything done with a pure pursuit is easy to wait on, and can be a force of activism and aid. Lao Tzu says,

"if you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering of the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."

Often it's much easier than we think- though with social constructs, insecurities, financial strain and input from others we feel as though to deviate from what we already know safely as ourselves would be dangerous, and a betrayal. However, to not live as your fullest self, to never shed old skin, take risks, lead by heart and TRY is the only injustice.


I am constantly marveling at the world. Every day it seems there are new fantastic things to learn about. Ama - translating from Japanese into "women of the sea," was the name given to the Japanese female pearl divers, who freedive roughly 30 feet into the ocean. It's no surprise that these women are known to live very long lives, and continue to dive even into their 90s. The art has not been lost, though the modern application of proper diving uniform was adopted, leaving the elegance of nudity to the past. 

The first series of photos was taken by Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Iwase in the 1950s as an ongoing series. 


In 2011, a new book was published by Nina Poppe, documenting the same art form in a new time. She captured not only the women, but the space around them, their families, and the lineage of women who now adopt this line of work. I find it tremendously important to document the way things evolve - culturally, spiritually, personally - it is all so very interwoven. 


International Princess Project

Whenever possible, I like to shed some light on companies that are doing positive things for the world. It's entirely possible to combine humanitarian efforts through stylish, modern, and artistic outlets. The International Princess Project is one of those companies. What they aim to accomplish is freedom and confidence amongst women who have escaped the sex trade in India. Most of these girls and women have never been given the opportunity to feel like real human beings, and have suffered unimaginable abuses. The purchase of the Princess Project goods ensure rescue efforts, and allow the project to continue. After developing several sewing centers in India, the progress has been very successful. It's the sort of thing I'd like to see continue to grow.

Supporting this company not only ensures the continuity of their project, but also allows women to find a place in a safe community, and earn a fair wage. Many of these women are branded as damaged, unwelcome back into their families, and unable to make their way in life even after their escape from trafficking. The International Princess Project is doing their part in bringing awareness from East to West, towards a very real and very common issue. A human is a human, no matter the location.

Each one of the punjammies are made with Indian fabrics. Beautiful and beneficial.

Check out the video above to get a clear view of their story, and where your money is going. It is a privilege to support companies like this one. Thank you, IPP. <3

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