S E M I O S P H E R E S @ the Ace Hotel DTLA + Nepal Earthquake Relief

Hello friends! I'm so honored to announce that tomorrow evening I'll be showing a series of photographs at the Ace Hotel DTLA to celebrate the launch of The Work Magazine's Issue 7. I will have 6 photos, printed and framed to be enjoyed and purchased. Each print will be limited edition 12 x 18, available for $225-$250. This gives you a signed and framed print, as well as a donated amount that will help with relief efforts for those suffering the earthquake in Nepal. 20% of each purchase will be sent to Convoy of Hope (transparently delivered information via Charity Navigator provided here), helping those who need it much more than we need our daily lattes. Get some art, give some heart. Not a bad deal! Alternatively, you may also select the option to Donate Direct at the bottom of the post. I'll send you a postcard personally written as a thank you, or a grab bag and print for donations of $50-$100! 

This is going to be a really special presentation for a stellar publication so don't miss out on this. See ya there! Be sure to RSVP by emailing

Give Relief!

How To Make A Movie

I recently was asked to do some behind the scenes work on a short feature that's currently being made. I realized, a lot of people don't get to see what happens during set life. They just get to see the outcome. These stills were shot over the course of two days at separate locations. I love movies, and I love seeing how they are created, from concept to roll to wrap. If a movie has bonus material or a 'Making Of' video, I'll be the first to see it. I also have a personal affinity for drag queens, so this was a particularly great opportunity to witness creativity in action. This story involves a man, sudden parental responsibility, and a friend who helps him. I really can't wait to see how this one turns out.


Tiny Paradise

I was recently sent a few rolls of polaroid film and a camera from Urban Outfitters. I'd never seen the circular stock and instantly felt like it would be fun to invent little moments of being "in my own world" within them. I think everyone experiences this - sudden blips of stillness that can feel like accidental enlightenment. They're usually fleeting, gone almost as soon as they hit, but sometimes they have a drag that fades away as the minutes tick by. A setting sun, until the next sunrise.