I had the honor of attending the Transgender Day of Visibility celebration at The Center in San Francisco (which is a really beautiful space, if you've never been). The word I think of to describe this event is "acceptance." Maybe "health" too. The entire energy of the place was comfortable, supportive, and swimming with love. The evening began with snacks and conversation, then officially commenced with a transgender man blessing the space through American Indian ceremony. In his lineage, he has learned that to be a "two-spirit," an indigenous term for those who are male in a female body or female in a male body, is a very special blessing. This was made fact to me, as it was unavoidably tangible in the space we filled. 

As I was leaving, I noticed a man with his children stop outside and blow bubbles for a minute or two while his girls popped them. Then they went inside. The idea of community spans so much farther than simply tolerating an idea. Wether you're directly impacted, or live as an ally, you have to let it become a part of who you are. I believe the world is getting braver. When you're controlled for a very long time, there comes a breaking point and the demand of independence is suddenly known, and acted upon. For many people, that breaking point is happening. And I am proud to stand next to them.

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