San Franciscan Nights

I had the pleasure of spending a late evening into the early morning with a group of beautiful humans at The Cafe, in San Francisco. The drinks were two for one, so I doubled up on my margaritas and sang along to the playlist, made up of female vocalists brought to life by uncrowned royalty. This night is the sort of thing I live for. Call it a pre-game for DragCon

From a psychoanalytical standpoint, my affinity towards the culture of queens stems from neglect, emotional abuse, and lack of maternal upbringing. There is safety in a world of individuals who promote self pride, and freedom of expression. I compare it to Comic Con, not so much because of the focus, but because of what isn't given focus. The first time I went to Comic Con, I was happy to discover that anyone interested is invited. Big and small girls and boys, trans people, gay people, old people, children, families, loners, handicapped, the seemingly "evil" and "super" - everyone is considered important, unique, and ultimately free. Any subculture that supports these ideas are also supporting what it means to be human. 

The upside of The Cafe is the drink special, photo booths, and really great DJs. 

I'm still recovering from my sprained knee. I didn't notice it until the next day so my dancing was not interrupted.