I am constantly marveling at the world. Every day it seems there are new fantastic things to learn about. Ama - translating from Japanese into "women of the sea," was the name given to the Japanese female pearl divers, who freedive roughly 30 feet into the ocean. It's no surprise that these women are known to live very long lives, and continue to dive even into their 90s. The art has not been lost, though the modern application of proper diving uniform was adopted, leaving the elegance of nudity to the past. 

The first series of photos was taken by Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Iwase in the 1950s as an ongoing series. 


In 2011, a new book was published by Nina Poppe, documenting the same art form in a new time. She captured not only the women, but the space around them, their families, and the lineage of women who now adopt this line of work. I find it tremendously important to document the way things evolve - culturally, spiritually, personally - it is all so very interwoven.