La Abeja Herbal Workshop

In Marfa Texas, I attended a two-day workshop for those wishing to learn more about the healing properties of herbs. We experienced them in several ways- as tinctures, oils, smoke, and even baths. It was partially held in this incredibly beautiful yurt, built a day before the workshop and now offered as a private room at El Cosmico. 

Sophia Rose was born to work with plants. Her name even suggests it. Hailing from Austin Texas, Sophia operates her own apothecary, teaches regular workshops, and offers healing guidance.

"La Abeja was borne out of the passionate devotional love I felt and continue to feel for Honeybees.  In 2011 I was completing training and clinical residency at the North American Institute Of Medical Herbalism.  At that time I was in the clinic seeing clients a couple days a week and in the midst of writing my thesis, the Magikal + Medicinal Uses of Solomon's Plume. My greatest joy that year was gathering and crafting all of the wild medicines for the clinic's apothecary.  I felt as though I had truly found my calling.   Up until that point in my life, I'd felt that my Soul's Path had been fairly clear--I'd always known my next step, even if only vaguely.  But as my graduation from NAIMH drew near, I felt totaly uncertain as to how I wanted to proceed, as an herbalist or otherwise.  One evening, I was alone in my bedroom--high up in the Rocky Mountains--four months into the punishingly windy subzero Winter.  I was watching Queen Of the Sun, a movie about colony collapse disorder and the implications of life without bees.  I was suddenly overcome with a mix of grief and joy and fervor.  Tears streamed from my eyes and I clutched at my breast, gasping.  And while I was moved by the film, it wasn't the reason for my tears.  They were, rather, the result of my realization that I was meant to devote myself, totally, to the stewardship of Honeybees." - Sophia Rose

On the second day we experienced the art of bathing. Crystals, herbs, and oils were added to tubs, which we soaked in while the sun set. 

This was definitely a highlight of my time spent in Marfa, and one I had the pleasure of taking home with me. I keep a vial of Sophia's El Corazon in my purse and take a few drops regularly. The effects are immediate and tangible. She truly has a knowledge of plants, and applies it in a beautiful manner. I would encourage anyone with a curiosity or specific need to reach out to her. To see more of what she does, check out her website. Some of my favorite products of hers are the El Sueno flower essences, and the Mimosa tincture. 

Thank you again so very much, Sophia. I hope to cross paths again someday.