Chantal + Christian's Bungalow Warming

Last night, I joined some friends in attending our homies Chantal + Christian's house warming party, having no idea that I was about to encounter what is now the most beautiful living space in Los Angeles I've yet to see. 

Their bungalow, tucked away from the street and lights, was shrouded in greenery with light bursting from the open double doors that made up the front wall.  Moving from Portland to Los Angeles lends a certain kind of cozy style. It's a great combo of city-character traits.

Good food, good drinks, great people, and excellent memories. Lani made the most mindblowing cheese, and I generally have been steering clear of dairy and bread, but when someone with a talent for kitchenry such as Lani makes cheese and it's not completely lethal to ones system, it should be tasted. Very glad I did it too. 

Not gonna lie, I have some pretty awesome friends. Happy housewarming, guys. I'm so glad to have you back in LA.