Throwing My Arms Around This Moment

Last night I had one of those moments that we all wait for. 

The squeaky clean slow motion molasses moments that feel like infinity and no-time all at once. I looked around at a whirlwind of people dancing, talking, hugging, laughing, kissing, yelling, singing, and general joy-expressing around me and realized that I'm in a really good place. 

In a really, really good place. 

There's the little stuff like the grocery store going in around the corner from my place, the new pipes in my building, spots I love like Otherwild, Stories, the library and Sunset Beer within walking distance and the farmers market being a stones throw away. Then there's the major shifts. The good inner places. My yoga practice, the community of creatives I've landed in, the push from life every day to do more. And of course, the actual "doing more" part, which is pretty cool.

I went to The Standard last night with the company of friends and new acquaintances to view the premier of my friend Jimmy's music video he did for The Subs. We all watched and saw what creativity looks and sounds like, then took the party to a friends house to dance and continue celebrating. Celebrating celebration. And that's when it hit. The warm, soft bullet in my heart, bursting into thousands of tiny shards of ice that make me shake all over, unable to do much to cope with the condition other than to shout and dance. So I did just that.

Meanwhile, in El Capitan Canyon, one of my best friends Jenn gave a talk to an audience of attendees to Field Trip, an epic conference for photographers all over the world to connect, learn, and glamp under the stars. She was nervous going in just like anyone would be, but conquered herself, slaying the old and ushering in the new her. We are reborn every time we surprise ourselves with our own ability to do, and inspire others to do too. 

I want to say congratulations to my friends every day. I hope they all know how proud I am of their consistent efforts to be greater, and achieve a higher sense of themselves as the moments pass. I love you guys so hard. Let's all keep up the good work, together.