Leap of Faith

Do you ever wake up thinking about a very specific thing? Like a song, or a person, or a movie? Today I woke up and my mind immediately started tracing over my favorite parts of the movie Splash. I saw it as a kid, and it left such an imprint on me. It's definitely still one of my major go-to films. 


I really love seeking out spiritual context within pop culture, because it leaves space for relevancy and plants some pretty powerful seeds. A movie like Splash will show kids and adults simultaneously that magic isn't lost, but hiding in plain sight. I think all it takes to rediscover magic is to take risks. Not to say "live dangerously," but perhaps live in a manner that surprises you. Share your way of living with someone while being open to theirs, because why not, right?

Growing up can be really distracting to the development of intuition, and the preservation of our own personal spark. As the boy in the beginning of this film does, we as children so easily pursue a curiosity without a moments thought. As adults we usually don't even consider the options, we just find a firm "no" to plant our mind in. If only growing up could equate to a balance of rational thinking and action! I think it can. It may appear questionable to some, but what's most important is knowing our truth, believing in it, and taking steps to discover it fully. 

If you have time for a lazy Sunday, I recommend checking this movie out, or rewatching for a new experience.

Side notes:

  • Whoever cast kid-version of Tom Hanks was on point
  • John Candy is the greatest big brother
  • Being naked at the Statue of Liberty is a totally good choice
  • The best names can smash a room full of televisions
  • Keep it crimped