I'm falling in love with friendship.

So two days ago it was my birthday.  

I'm 27. I struggle to say it because I'm more in awe of the numbers going up, while my emotions and personality seem to be digressing in maturity. In a good way. No need to be so serious, it seems. When I was younger, I took everything seriously. Not so much anymore. It leaves room to trust the moment. 

I recently saw this music video for a song called Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities. Their music is nice, but this video is really mindblowing. I can't help but describe it as romantic, because friendships can be sweet and heartfelt, genuinely full of love, caring, and passion. (It reminds me of a girl version of Hesher, one of my favorite movies. Another story ultimately about love.)

The kind of double whammy I'm way into receiving. 

The kind of double whammy I'm way into receiving. 

My birthday was made magical by a few people, but one in particular who really went above and beyond to make me feel loved. As a single gal, it's becoming more and more apparent how dear my girlfriends are to me, and how easy it can be to make someone feel loved and important. These are the people who teach me the greatest lessons.  

I saw this amazing Buzzfeed post yesterday called 22 Ways Your Best Friend is Actually Your Significant Other.   I'm pretty chill about how corny it is, because it's almost completely true. 

Thank you, friends. You definitely know who you are, and my heart bleeds for you.