Every now and then, I'll take myself out on as excellent a date as I can afford. Last night was a really great date night, and it was mostly due to the movie I chose to check out: Laurence Anyways, a French-Canadian film about what it means to choose honesty over eventual confusion and despair. This film is only playing at one theater in all of Los Angeles! Thankfully I don't live too far from the Downtown Independent. If you haven't been it's quite a treat, especially getting to sit in the Micro Kino, which seats only 12 people. Comfy seats a glass of wine, and a good movie? Yes, please. 

I was so incredibly moved by the performances by all the actors, particularly Melvil Poupaud portraying Laurence Alia, a man who must not only admit to himself that he is hiding from his true being, but also find a way to express what he is: a woman. 

The story is perfectly set in the 80's, a time when androgynous identification was just beginning to split the surface of societal norms. From wardrobe to soundtrack, the era and theme are unmistakable. It could have easily been made as a modern tale since sadly, these are topics that the world can still be very scared of. There's a great deal of work that still must be done, but I have every faith that it will happen soon. Art is made every day, and each time someone is exposed to films like this, paradigms are truly shifted. 

Oh and um, did I mention that the soundtrack is unbelievable? Here's a link of all the songs via Youtube. (I forgot how much I love this Duran Duran track. So eery!)