Steady Morning Jam // PiL - RISE

In honor of another new year for planet Earth, another solstice passed and a new era upon our doorstep, I think back to the people and cultural nuances which have influenced me throughout the years. As a kid I watched a lot of Mtv (and I mean a LOT), and one fine morning, I was fortunate enough to come across a video by Public Image Limited. I heard the name Johnny Rotten and my attention was successfully grabbed. 

This song left such an impact on me, especially at that age when I was experiencing the pissiest years of my life. The question of the century was "WHY?!" One I am still asking, but with a much gentler tone. In passing through the incredible surplus of anger, I now see that though it's not nearly as necessary as I once thought it to be, it certainly does have its time and place. Call it what you will, motivation, passion, drive, lighting a fire under the ol' ass. "Anger is an energy" still rings true to my 27 year old heart as it did to the same burning device all those years ago.