Buying Feminism - How to Be a Common Queen

When the internet explodes, it is usually due to grenades of normality that are enjoyable to watch and shocking to the masses. It's very unusual for a video of a protest mob in Bangkok to go viral, or under-the-radar media coverage of natural disasters happening as the same time as the new Family Guy episode.


However, Beyonce once again managed to create a digital shot heard 'round the world when her self-titled visual album dropped last week, being hailed as "mind-blowing" and a "success of identity." 

I was intrigued, but not initially scrambling to watch. When I finally did, I was impressively unsurprised at the outcome. It seems that the Western world has become so patriotic towards its branding that the decision has been made to categorize Feminism under the multitude of logos. The collection of videos exploits the capacity of women, both physically and creatively, doing a complete 180* on itself and portraying a very false stylized world, driven by testosterone. Surprising? Well no. The song "Pretty Hurts" seems to be a bit hilarious when paired with her other videos. Pretty hurts, but you woke up flawless, so, bow down bitches. I get it. Wait. No I don't. 

The concept plays out like an extended commercial called WOMEN, as though we are something to bend and shape to the will of the public, not to ourselves. Why has this not gotten old yet?  I'm bored trying to keep up with all the brands to wear, names to drop, people to follow and vague ideas to adhere to, not to mention the sultry makeup and bedroom eyes that are hard to manage in slow motion when driving in Los Angeles.

Remember when Jared told America that in order to lose that pesky weight, all they had to do was eat at Subway every day? And then people did? I can't really afford to eat at Subway to get healthy. (Pretty sure I'd die first.) I also can't afford to get my hair and nails done, buy a complete wardrobe of high brand clothing, or have a stylist help me wake up flawless. Not only will my pockets bleed dry but so will my integrity. 

Even though the televised world of feminism looks like a roaring good time, I think I'll pass. Thanks for playing, and see you next week on Who Wants to Be a Feminist!