Do you ever feel as though you've found your 'other'?  

 Your soulmate?  

I sure have, but I've come to learn that I never did, and never will.

At least not without finding one within myself first.  

The idea of being made complete through someone else reveals itself as a false claim to elevated life the more I risk having experiences on my own.  

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.02.18 PM.png

These are sometimes really difficult lessons to learn. However, in developing a deeper connection with myself, and honestly dedicating time to making that happen, my connections with others around me become deeper (or they fall away, if no longer necessary). 

These two paintings by René Magritte gracefully seem to spell out this concept for me. I began thinking about it after watching The 400 Blows again recently, ruminating on the growth of Antoine Doinel that is so fascinating to take in as a viewer.

A friend of mine recently reminded me of the brilliance of Shel Silverstein. This short story is such a perfect example of how simple and complex things can simultaneously be, especially in the ways of love, both with others and ourselves. Sometimes the most basic displays of wisdom work best. (turn off the sound for this video and replace with some Perfume Genius or Amadeus Leopold instead!)