SPOOKY EVENING JAM // Rockit - Gorillaz

Hey all, it's a festively grey Los Angeles Friday. It actually feels like Halloween today! Bless the demigods of darkness for their mournful blessings upon our typically sunny skies. I'm definitely not bummed about a little cloud coverage. 

I dedicate this song to anyone who is willing to watch it in the dark. With headphones on. With an open door behind you. Without turning around. 

Wishing you a spooky as shit day full of candied apples and medium rare brain burgers (on gluten free buns). <3


Hey guys - pictured here is the first volume to a new print series I'm creating called ATARAXIA, a word meaning tranquility, peace, and stillness. This will be an ongoing project. This first volume, 44 pages long, is focused primarily on the solitude found in American and Mexican scenery, discovering colorful locales, loud only in terms of their vibrancy. 

This is the first day of my contest, where any instagram user can win themselves a limited copy by hashtagging #ATARAXIABOOK on any one of their own photos that expresses the title in their own way. What creates stillness and peace in your reality? On the 31st of this month I will choose my favorite, and that person will be sent a copy! I'm very excited to share this with you all. Thanks for sharing with me too. 


Still Life + Moments - FROM LA to TX

Phil and I just got back from a road trip from Los Angeles through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. My focus is typically on the lifestyle of a location, creating a place as a biography in a literal way, but I decided this time to try to capture the trip in a less rigid way, noting points of interest through a smaller pinhole. We managed to stop by several noteworthy spots such as Balmorhea, which is the largest spring fed swimming pool in the world, small Texas towns like Alpine, Marfa (can't stay away), and Van Horn, as well as White Sands New Mexico. All I can think about these days is escaping the city and going somewhere a little dustier, with sun and shade and seasons. I'm definitely going through a bit of a phase, and can't tell when or if it'll ever end. More road trippin' already penciled in before the end of the year. Can't wait to explore more of the USA.