That One Time in Australia - BRUNCHES + BEACHES

Earlier in the year I spent a week In Sydney and the surrounding area. I've been reflecting on the time I was there, and realized that basically anywhere that had dreary weather has been floating around in my mind. Los Angeles has been parched, and to experience a little bit of the Australian rain and wet air again would be a dream come true.

The Stockton Sand Dunes near Port Stephens. Whale vertebrae pictured below.

Oxford Street + Paddington

There seemed to be a strong emphasis on healthy eating, which was what I found in London as well! This isn't a trend I'm bothered by in the slightest. Pictured: The Hill Eatery

My favorite restaurant I encountered, called Bootsdarling was the best brunch I'd had since Puerto Rico. If you happen to be in the Darlinghurst area, don't miss this spot, and order one of everything.


Bondi Beach. I do love the rain but was pleased to find the temperature perfect and the skies clear for my days here.


Strolling around Bondi in the evening. Marvelously beautiful.

The Satellite Cafe! Loved this spot. A great option for vegans and vegetarians looking to get their brunch on.

This is not to be missed. I had no idea what I was ordering but I got it purely based on the fact that the ingredients included "fairy floss" and "magic".

IMG_2030 2.JPG


When I met Sarah I knew that we were destined for several lengthy conversations, then proceeded to have one. We discussed what it means to be an artist, living in Los Angeles, and the universe at large. Sarah's work reflects her own inner being, and serves as a voice for others to glean a sense of self from. Completely magic. 

This particular piece depicts motherhood, and was made as a tribute to her mother. I asked Sarah about what it feels like to let go of her pieces, and she spoke of them as her children. Each one is born in a sense, and though she is attached, knows they have to go. She just wants them to go to a good place.

Her magnificent pieces are now available online as prints, which I highly recommend checking out. Click here to take a peep. 

MALE as MUSE - Breaking Tradition

In honor of Fashion Week, Phil and I decided to do some playing around the studio.

There's a stereotype around women being the greater option as a source of artistic inspiration. While the female form is astounding, I have to make a point to counter this concept. To be a muse is to be an artist, for an artist. There is a symbiotic relationship formed, and each lends inspiration to the other. Having a sense of combined strength and grace is not just for women. Men can easily embody this as well. 

I feel very lucky to have a partner who is not only willing to play but wants to. He inspires me, and keeps me curious. There's a magic in sharing art with someone you love. It brings you closer together as friends and continues to unfold who you are individually and together as one. I encourage everyone to challenge one another in their friendships and relationships to create, share, and discover more and more.

Rarely do I photograph in black and white, but for the point of this particular shoot, I wanted to display what a single person is capable of.

image (1).jpeg

Model: Philip Eastman

Clothes by: Alexander Wang / Topman /

Makeup by: ILIA / Dr Hauschka